he strong character of PaintingLovers' products is the value of art, which is added in each design and painted works especially the way the worlds' beloved artist's masterpiece such as Van Gogh, Monet, etc. They have been developed into hand painted Sculpture Frame, Oil on Canvas and Accessories. We have many collections of our own masterpiece as well. The Paintings that have shown on our website are our present designs. We also do reproduction as requested.

Sun Flowers

Starry Night
ll production processes are painted by a group of educated painters who have high skill and experience for a long period. Every steps of production line is taken carefully by the artists. Moreover, we uses the high quality of materials such as Canvas from Italy , artist graded Oil Paints from France and U.K. which are customary amongst renowned community.
t PaintingLovers creating customer happiness is our highest priority. Not only we placed tremendous effort in supplying high quality products, we are also committed to providing the most friendly, efficient and responsive customer support. Customers can ensure our delivery service is always on time.

Road Bridge at Argenteuil
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